About Us

Our team is stable, and focused on the kind of delivery and results one expects from what essentially an extension of your own department is.

We are a growing family business that cares for our customers and make them feel like part of our family. We do repairs and services on all makes and models of cars, at a rate that won't 'dent' your pocket, because we understand the pressures caused by the global economic climate. Our professional repair team does their work in an excellent and reliable manner because we want to see your car on the road.

We are members of the RMI ( Retail Motor Industry) whos key objectives include maintaining high standards of business ethics and service delivery. At Mthimkulu Trading and Projects CC, we treat vehicles the way we would like to be treated; with love, care and concern.

We are so daring that we have ventured into an area that many would prefer to keep away from. We have made our specialty the restoration of all vintage vehicle engines. Since we thoroughly enjoy getting those once special transporters that have been sitting idle for a while, back on the road and doing what they do best, taking you where you need to go. The aim is to get the old beauty working at 100% mechanical efficiency, ensuring that you will NEVER be stuck on the side of the road wondering why you got it fixed in the first place. Your vintage car deserves all the love and attention that we WANT to give to it.

We want you to get the best service and quality at the most affordable price possible. Our specialty is negotiating with suppliers on behalf of our customers so that we get the VERY BEST price on parts and the highest quality parts available. We want our customers to enjoy the competitive advantage of dealing with us because they KNOW that they are getting the best price possible.

BMW is our "baby" here and we specialise in major repairs on ALL BMWs, there is no 525 or 325i that we can't handle, and we will get your "gushesh" in tip top shape and spinning like never before...

We are now equiped with a diagnostics machine, which is a great aid in pin pointing the trouble with the vehicle, whether the problem is simple or critical. Diagnostic tools can test for pressure levels, failed electrical or mechanical componenets, even those inside the engine block. This niffty little tool, helps to make sure there is no mistake when we are diagnosing your car, because as "car doctors" we know that there is nothing more damaging than misdiagnosing a "patient".


To provide service excellence within the motor and mining industry and apply a superior and systematic product that is thorough, equitable and professional. To build long-term business relationships with our Clients by providing quality services, at competitive rates and competitive time frames.

To continually innovate, develop and adopt state-of-the-art technical methods and products to enhance productivity and cost effectiveness.

To reduce carbon emissions in mining and motor industry. To contribute to the development of the local community and society at large as a part of our corporate social responsibility. To offer training to our client’s machine and equipment operators which will reduce break downs hence reducing costs and saving time for our clients.


Our service is designed for your convenience. This is our motto and it is as simple as it sounds. Our customers come first, so if for any reason your car can't make it to us or you just don't have the time to come to the work shop, you can simply give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we will come to you, it's as easy as that!!

As you may have seen, our service slogan is: "if you can't get to us, we will come to you".

We want to make sure your vehicle is always mechanically sound and well looked after. So when your car is due for service, and that is the last thing on your mind, don't worry, a member of our repair team will be in touch with you, to give you a quick friendly reminder.


To be able to read the palm of the organisation – identify the competences and unique strengths which will benefit the client. Involve the organisation in research and identify changes in the macro environment, markets, industry, and all competitors in the business. To be able to use imaginative thinking to help the management team to visualise the future within which we are operating. To be able to predict the organisational successes in the future and sustainability during recessions and the organisational future shape To be able to identify the organisational strengths and why the customers will choose to support us. To evaluate any necessary strategic system changes, structures, rewards, alliances, new products, improvement on services to benefit customers and ensure that everything supports the organisation and its customers. To be skilled in manoeuvring and negotiating with the manufacturer to produce at the best possible prices and best quality of products and to know the power players.