Mthimkulu Projects Full Service Mthimkulu Projects Full Service

Full Service

We service all makes and models of car.

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Mthimkulu Projects Engine Diagnostics Mthimkulu Projects Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics

We specialise in BMW and Mercedes repairs and services.

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Mthimkulu Projects Auto Spares Mthimkulu Projects Auto Spares

Auto Spares

We negotiate with suppliers on behalf of our customers.

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Dear Client

Mthimkulu Trading and Projects CC would greatly appreciate an opportunity to introduce our highly valued services in Mechanics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Towing.

We know that through our holistic approach as providers of Mechanics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Towing services that we are able to offer you a package that would greatly increase your efficiency and cut cost in the requested area.

Mthimkulu Trading and Projects CC is a mechanical company with a reputation in the province and our head Office is in Chamdor, Krugersdorp. We specialize in vehicle repairs, with significant benefits to our clients in all areas that include namely project cost, time frame and community up liftmen. We are a team of experts and qualified personnel being the reason why we want to offer our services and put a guarantee that is to your expectations.

Upon the identification of the need of our services to a certain area, we survey and analyses the problem with the aid of our advanced technological instruments and experience which serves time and cost to our valuable customers, and we prescribe the rightful solution for that particular problem and its cause that reduces the unnecessary cost, which allows us to give guarantee for the services we provide.

We fix and supply according to the manufactures specifications / standards approved in the motor trade industry.

We are even willing to do a trial with you giving a guarantee that we are reliable and efficient service providers.

I would also like to add that our methodologies make allowances for the employment and education of unskilled young South Africans which we source from the local communities with the assistance of the local ward councilors. All which are trained and educated over time, thereby ploughing back to the community.

Given the opportunity I am confidant you will find our pricing and time frame agreeable and look forward to taking matters further, once again thank you for the opportunity.

Our Services

Mthimkulu Projects Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics

Mthimkulu Projects Car Service

Car Service

Mthimkulu Projects Auto Spares

Auto Spares

Mthimkulu Projects Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance


A vehicle breakdown is the mechanical failure of a motor vehicle in such a way that the underlying problem prevents the vehicle from being operated at all, or impedes the vehicle's operation so much, that it is very difficult, nearly impossible, or else dangerous to operate
In a partial breakdown, the vehicle may still be operable, but its operation may become more limited or more dangerous, or else its continued operation may contribute to further damage to the vehicle.
This is where we come in, we encourage you to have regular checks on your car before seemingly small problems escalate and end up costing you thousands of rands. We want to help you avoid unnecessary expenses.
A total breakdown is when the vehicle becomes totally immobile and cannot be driven even a short distance to reach a repair shop, thereby necessitating a tow. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including complete engine failure, or a dead starter or battery, though a dead battery may be able to be temporarily resolved with a jump start .
We are members of the RMI (Retail Motor Industry) whose key objectives include maintaining high standards of business ethics and service delivery. At Mthimkulu Trading and Projects CC, we treat vehicles the way we would like to be treated; with love, care and concern.


I only ever deal with these guys for my BMW. Excellent service, great rates and always there for me when I need help. Highly recommended.

Mthimkulu Projects

John Smith

I've never encountered such top quality service at such low rates. I'll definitely be back.

Mthimkulu Projects

Frank Jones